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Clyde Adams III's Convention Photographs Pages Clyde Adams has covered several cons, including Anime Expo and Otakon.
Adella's Cosplay Adella is the co-administrator of Cosplay.com.
Mark Adinolfe's Cosplay Resources Mark's page provides resources and advice for aspiring cosplayers.
Alana's Mangekyou Cosplay Alana first cosplayed at Anime Central 2003.
Katy Alexander's Virtual Star Cosplay Page Katy will cosplay at Anime Central and Anime Expo 2001.
Allison's Delerium home page Allison's first cosplay was at Otakon 2001.
Beverly's Closet Beverly Alliss was popular as Super Sailor Moon at ComiCon International 1998. Beverly also runs Wings and Stars, a limited costuming commissioning service.
AJ's Costume Corner AJ's first cosplay was at Fanimecon 2002
Amazon Mandy Amazon Mandy is an illustrator from Pennsylvania
Ameria Cosplay Erin Millikin's first cosplay was at Ohayoncon 2001.
Jennifer Anderson's Trigun cosplay page Jennifer has cosplayed as Vash and will do more Trigun cosplay at Sakuracon.
Kat Andrews' Cannibals Anonymous Kat Andrews has costumed at East Coast cons.
Ang's Off the Chains cosplay page Ang cosplays at Florida conventions and is a member of the Hot *Like* Wassabi Cosplayers group.
Angee-chan's Costume Page Angee-chan's Costume Adventures at A-kon!
Angel Cosmos's Words & Emotions - a Canadian Cosplayer/Con. Site Angel Cosmos cosplays at the Toronto cons.
Anime Amiees World of Anime's Cosplay page Aimee is a mainstream SF costumer who is just getting into cosplay.
Anime Ng's Freestyle Cosplay Photographs Albert has taken cosplay photographs at conventions all over the US.
Anime Village's Cosplay Contest Award Winners. The winner and finalists of the 1999 Anime Village Cosplay Competition.
ANIME-ted Characters' Home Page This dealer visits the East Coast cons and takes pictures of cosplayers.
Animoon's Cosplay Cafe
Anna-Neko's home page and Cosplay Page Anna neko has cosplayed at Animazement, Anime Weekend Atlanta and Katsucon. Anna also maintains the Cos-men website, showcasing male cosplayers from North America.
Ansinase and Eladen's Page 'O Weirdness Home Page Ansinase and Eladen has cosplayed from the Violinist of Hameln anime at Anime North 2000.
Anthy Rose's Hana Yori Cosplay Kelly is an award winning cosplayer at Katsucon and Fanimecon 2001.
Anya's Studio Tamago home page Anya has cosplayed at Project A-kon and Anime Central.
Anya's Wench Cosplay Anya has won awards at Project A-kon and Ohayocon.
Applcheek's Paper Wings Cosplay Applcheek's first cosplay was at Ushicon 2002.
Arashi's Temple's Home Page Arashi cosplays at Sakuracon and Anime Expo.
Asia's Eden's Wrath Asia cosplays at the Californian cons.
asylumgarden's cosplay and conventions page Nemissa is an artist and cosplayer who has been to many east coast cons and Anime Expo.
Allison Auld's Home page Allison is a member of the award-winning Ah! My Cosplay group.
Ayaka's Vigilante Cosplay Ayaka has cosplayed at Anime Central and Anime Expo.
Ayako's Solar Miracle Make Up cosplay
AznAphrodite's Lavender Sea AznAphrodite is a member of the cosplay group Sailor Jamboree.
Azumi's Ancient Whispers home page Azumi co-owns the cosplay.com cosplay community page
Katie Bair's Petting Zoo cosplay page Katie is a professional comics artist who cosplays at the East Coast cons.
Caitlin Beard's Lady Ava's Sancutary Caitlin cosplayed at Otakon and Anime Expo New York in 2002.
Erin Beazley's Got Cosplay cosplay Page Erin is a member of the award winning Sailor Jamboree cosplay group.
Lynleigh Benton's lynleigh.com Lynleigh is a member of the StarCrossed cosplay group
Jim & Jayne Berg's home page. See how the Berg's constructed a Sailor Mars costume for their daughter. Also on the home page see how one of their friends constructed a Nurse Angel Ririka costume.
Jenny Biggs' Kenshinny's Homepage Jenny is an award winner at Project A-kon.
Julie Bihn's Kenshin-chan and assorted cosplay page. Julie Bihn and her friends have cosplayed for their local anime club at Tucson, Arizona.
Biiko Daitokuji's Dress Me Up Cosplay Biiko has cosplayed as Fuu at Project A-kon in 1999.
Blueberry's Metamorphosis Cosplay Blueberry cosplayed Anthy at Anime North 2000.
Bøb and Éd's The Thingful Thinged Thingiemabobber of Things. Bøb and Éd cosplayed Soi & Tomo at Anime Expo 1998, and also took Group Cosplay Pictures. In addition they have made Nakago's Armour.
Joe Boeing's Neko-jin-kun's Cos-play Cavern Joe's best known costume is Ramus from the Lunar console games
John Bohlen's Cosplay Page John's costumes have won awards at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and he also designed the JACON Mascot costume.
Ruby Boiko's home page Ms. Boiko has done Hsien Ko , Subaru and Nanaka Note: No costume pictures.
Candice Nicole Boyles's Cherry's cosplay page Candice cosplays at the Texan conventions.
Lynn Brown's LolliPoP Cosplay Page Lynn and her friends cosplay at the Maryland and Virginian anime cons.
Tikki's Costume Closet The multi-award winning Stephanie Brown's costume display.
McKayla Elizabeth Butym's Fairy Dust Cosplay McKayla is a costumer from Florida
Calistrisa's Hey! Pretty! cosplay page Calistrisa cosplays at the Florida cons and at Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Camui's Monochrome Illusions Home Page Alice cosplays at Anime Central.
Thomas Cardwell's Shampoo Page and Anime Convention Scrapbook Thomas Cardwell has become well known for his crossdressing interpretation of Ranma 1/2's Shampoo.
The White Ninja and Bucky's Zsa-Zsa, the Queen of the Space Poodles page Ardith Carlton's award-winning Jajuka costume page.
David Carpenter's Guyver costume site. David is constructing a Guyver costume.
Dennis Carr's Come to the Sunset Grill Conventions Page Dennis has attended Anime Central, Anime Expo and AniMagic.
Phillip Carr's Anime Design site Phillip Carr covers conventions on the east coast.
Christina Carr and Martin Hunger's Costumes Page Guests of Honour and masquerade judges at Anime North, and expert masqueraders in their own right. Note: no anime costumes pictures.
Cat's Costume Closet Cat has cosplayed at Anime Weekend Atlanta.
C-Chan's Anime and Cosplay Paradise C-chan hails from Florida, and is a member of Florida Musume, a Morning Musume cosplay group
Layla Cekulpa's Starlights Cosplay Layla is a Katsucon and Otakon award winner.
Celine's Cosplay Page Celine has cosplayed at Anime Expo, Katsucon, Otakon and Project A-kon.
Michelle Chan's Meow Meow Home Page Michelle's first cosplay was Anime Weekend Atlanta 7.
Pheobe Chang's Cosplay Phoebe's favourite cosplay is the Gimme Gimme Cat!
Wayne's Home Page Wayne is a member of the award winning Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts.
Changeling's Cosplay Hell Cosplay Page Changeling won a hall costume award for the costume she wore at Project A-kon 2000.
Christa's Costume Fantasy Christa's first cosplay was at Anime Boston 2003.
Chocobo Rancher's Anime Web Page's convention photos and videos Chocobo Rancher takes photographs and videos at many of the east coast conventions.
Chocobo Steve's The Chocobo Knights Home Page. Steve has cosplayed Sepheroth at FanimeCon 1999 and Hanzo at Anime Expo 1997.
Terry Chu's Convention Photographs site Terry Chu attends and takes pictures at Anime Central, Anime North and Otakon.
Ciaratha's home page Ciaratha's cosplaying child won an award at Persacon 2004.
Tin Nyanko's Sailor Moon RPG page Tin Nyanko won a construction award as Sailor Galaxia at Otakon 1997.
Claris' Home Page Clarissa Smith has cosplayed Belldandy and won an award as Annapuma at A-kon. Note: no costume pictures.
Coley-lou's Coley-Net cosplay page Coley won a costume award at Otakon 2000.
Convention Record: East Coast Con Cosplay A Pictorial Record of the Cosplay at East Coast Cons.
"Ichiban Crush!"'s Cosplay Hell Bob has cosplayed at Katsucon, Anime Central and Otakon.
Cosplay Kitten Heidi was runner up for best of show at Anime Central 2005.
Ace Ban Dage's Convention Memories Ace has been to several East Coast cons.
India Davis' pretty with a pistol cosplay page India's home convention is Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Marisol del Río Ávila's Pinku no Usagi page Marisol is a cosplayer from Guadalajara in Mexico.
Terrie Denman's Queen of Hentai cosplay page Terrie hails from Southern California.
Kara Dennison's Jusenkyo cosplay page Kara is a member of the William and Mary Cosplay Group and of White Radish.
Brad Diederich's Cabana Boy Home Page Brad is one of the East Coast's best known cosplayers and along with his twin brother are the official Viz mascots!
Carmen DiProspero's Cospix Carmen takes pictures at the east coast cons.
Divine's Cosplay Divine is a French-Canadian who cosplays at Animazement!
The Funtastic World of DJ Ranma S DJ Ranma S is one of the founding members of the BCNY: BAAF Cosplayers of NY cosplay club.
Jackie Dolamore's Welcome to Arestin! Home Page. Jackie Dolamore is on the committee of Anime Festival Orlando. Note: No costume pictures.
Kate Dolamore's Subject to Change Home Page. Kate Dolamore is a member of the Cosplay Organization of Orlando. Note: No costume pictures.
Andrea Doolan's Anime no Cosplay Andrea cosplays at Anime North.
Erika Door's Much Pluto: Cosplay Erika is an award winner at AnimeIowa.
Van Donovan's Cosplay Page Van is a fan voice actor who has cosplayed for several years at both East and West Coast cons.
Doremi-Chan's Do-Re-Mi cosplay site Doremi-Chan has cosplayed at Anime Expo.
Dormouse's cosplay Dormouse is a cosplayer from Denver, Colorado.
Joe E.'s JAG cosplay page Joe is the publisher of the American Costumer/Cosplayer Magazine and the Cosplay Trading Cards.
ElfEater's Cosplay Elfie has cosplayed at Katsucon, Anime Central and Anime Weekend Atlanta, and is an award winner at Sugoicon 2000!
Elfinder's Cosplay Page Elfinder is a cosplayer from British Columbia.
Elle's Digital Angel Home page Elle has cosplayed at Anime Expo, Katsucon and Otakon.
Elly's The Dark Side of Heaven Cosplay Page Elly has cosplayed at Anime Weekend Atlanta, Katsucon and Otakon, and also maintains the Masked Illusions J-Rock Cosplay Page.
Emily's Golden Senshi Luna Cosplay page Emily loves to cosplay Sailor Moon.
Endymion's Anime Con/Cosplay/Music/Stuff page Endymion cosplays at Anime Expo and Fanimecon.
Fairy Dust This cosplayer attends Floridian conventions
Alisa Farrington's Cosplay Page. Alisa is one of the best known cosplayers in North America.
Laura Feeny's Cosplay Garden Laura has costumed at Katsucon, Otakon and Project A-kon for the past few years.
Barry Figgins' The Pen, the Needle, and the Sword Home Page. The home page of the Anime Expo cosplayer.
A-ko's Cosplay. Ashley has costumed Miaka at AWA 1998.
Stephanie Folse's cosplay page Stephanie cosplays at Project A-kon.
Scott Frazier's Home Page Among Scott Frazier's other credits (too long to list), he has also judged at numerous conventions, including Anime Expo, Anime Express and Anime Central.
frecklegirl's CosplaySpot Frecklegirl cosplays at the Texan conventions
Freya's Convention Dreams Freya is a member of the DJ AKA cosplay group
Nicole Froberg's Black Maiden's Anime Addicts. The Anime Central twice award-winning costumer's anime review page.
G-chan's home page G-chan has won cosplay awards at Katsucon and Otakon.
Gecko-san's Cosplay page Gecko-san cosplays at the Floridian cons.
Baby Snow Leopard and General Phavorianne's Double Cosplay Attack! Kie and Lily Gruenke cosplay at the West Coast cons.
Gundam Wing: Operation Fanworks' Cosplay Home Page These cosplayers attend Floridian conventions.
Sailor Mo's Costume Page. Maureen Hallinan was a finalist as Super Sailor Moon in the 1999 Anime Village Cosplay Competition.
Yaya Han's Angelic Star cosplay page Yaya is an award-winning cosplayer and also a fan artist. Check out her art-page.
Megami Hanime's Cosplay Heaven Megami is a member of the Insignia NIX cosplay group.
Hanime's Heaven Hanime is a member of the Georgia Cosplay mailing list.
Donielle Hare's Universe Mystagic home page Donielle cosplays at many of the east coast conventions.
Haruka's Cosplay Page Haruka has cosplayed at Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Hatsumi-chan's Fantastic Cat Cosplay Hatsumi is a Mexican cosplayer who makes most of her costumes. Please visit and sign her guestbook!
HellBelle's home page HellBelle is a professional model whose first cosplay was at Anime North 2003.
Stephany Herman's Angel Eyes: The Ayanami Rei Shrine. Stephany has cosplayed Rei Ayanami at Anime Expo and won an award as her at Anime Weekend Atlanta 5.
Hezachan's Coffeepot Ramen Hezachan recently appeared on the G4 cable network.
Hichan's cosplay page Hichan is formerly a member of the PhoeniX SeeD cosplay group
Hikaru's Network Hikaru is one of the Otaku Girls and cosplays on the East Coast
Hikaru Tsuki's cosplay page Seadra is a fan artist from British Columbia.
Hilary's Through the Needle's Eye Card Captor Sakura Cosplay Resource Hilary has created this page to help anyone thinking of making costumes from this popular show.
Hitori's Cosplay Hitori attends the San Francisco conventions.
Haruka Honey H's Homepage Haruka has cosplayed Cutey Honey and Sailor Uranus at the West Coast conventions
Zyvernia's Domain John Hoeschler has costumed Jinnai at the East Coast cons.
Kathrine Hondrogen's Poro-poro cosplay page The meaning of the name of Kathrine's website is the sound effect of falling tears in manga.
Hope's Nozomi-chan's Page of Wonders Hope has cosplayed at Animazement and Anime Weekend Atlanta.
The House of Anime Home Page This dealer visits the East Coast cons and takes pictures of cosplayers.
Neal Hobson's Nabeshin's Cosplay Asylum Neal cosplays at the East Coast cons.
Theodore Hua's Conventions Page. Theodore has cosplayed at Anime Expo.
Danny Hong's Home page. Danny Hong has costumed at East Coast Conventions.
HulaKitty's Home Page HulaKitty is a costumer from North California.
Kristin Huntsman's Home Page Kristin Huntsman costumes CLAMP characters at Anime Expo with her friend Sionna Klassen. Note: no costume pictures.
Ba-chan's (Barry Irvine) Cosplay Pictures Briton Mr. Irvine's crossdressing costumes.
Insane Kat~chan's Cosplay Kat~chan's cosplay was at Jacon 2001 and Anime Weekend Atlanta 7.
J-chan's Happy place Home Page. Jason Bertovich cosplays at the East Coast and Anime Central
Chrissy Jaio's The Lion's Den cosplay page Chrissy is one of the founders of the award-winning Sailor Jamboree cosplay group
JasonTD's home page Jason owns an online comics collectable store and writes a web comic.
Jayyne's Addiction: Cosplay for normal people! Jayyne has cosplayed at JAFAX.
Jenn's Aqua Rhapsody cosplay site Jenn's first cosplay was at Anime Central 2001, and is a member of Sailor Jamboree.
Jessica's cosplay page
Jessie's Parallel Cosplay Home Page. Jessie has cosplayed at Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Jessie's Costume Box Page Jessie has cosplayed at Anime Expo and at Comic-con International. (Note: no costume photos yet.)
Jewel's Cosplay page Jewel is an Anime Expo New York award winner
The J-Files' Con Pics Page These cosplayers have attended Katsucon 6 & Anime North
Savin Jhsoe's home page (update) Costuming, Public Events, Anime, VideoGames, Star Wars
J-me's Home Page J-me has costumed Sailor Moon characters at Project A-kon.
Becky Johnston's Jadzia's Cosplay Becky Johnston has cosplayed Sailor Jupiter at ComiCon San Diego 1998.
Jolene's Cosplay Page Jolene's first cosplay was at Anime Expo 2001.
Jupe's fukusou cosplay and convention website Jupe is the well-known fan web page designer, who also dabbles in cosplaying on the side.
Michiru Kaioh's michiru.com Home Page Michiru's Cosplay Page describes her different costumes. She also has a Sailor Neptune Cosplayers Page.
Amanda and Stacy's Kakumei Cosplay The cosplay of Amanda and Stacy, who mainly attend east coast anime conventions.
Kakyuu-hime's K.I.S.S. Itsumo Spiffy Space Pictures Page Kakyuu-Hime has cosplayed at Anime Expo. You can find other pictures here.
Katrina's Faerie's Fantasies Katrina and her friends cosplay the Sailor Senshi at ComiCon International: San Diego.
Katt's Home Page Katt has cosplayed at Anime Central since 1998.
Katy's Cosplay Katy first cosplayed at Otakon 2001.
Katzy's Cosplay Page Katzy cosplays at Anime North and the Canadian National Anime Expo.
Kenshin no Miko's Daitenshi cosplay page Jenny's first cosplay was at Anime Expo 2000.
Khamryn's Broken Wings Cosplay and Conventions page Khamryn cosplays at Nan Desu Kan and Otakon.
Sheila's Cosplay Page Sheila Khorsa's big plan is to cosplay Rinoa at Anime North and the Canadian National Anime Expo.
Mai Kim's Cosplay Fantasies home page. Mai costumes at Anime Weekend Atlanta and other cons on the East Coast.
Kimiko's Cosplay Lair Kimiko and her friends at Tomodachi no Kosupure have cosplayed at Nan Desu Kan.
Kisa's cosplay page Kisa has cosplayed at the Toronto cons.
Daicon Haruka's Home Page Crystal Kittell has cosplayed at Anime Expo.
KittieGirl's cosplay home page KittieGirl cosplays at Nan Desu Kan and at science fiction cons in Colorado.
Sionna Klassen's Cosplay Home Page Sionna costumes CLAMP characters at Anime Expo with her friend Kristin Huntsman.
Koumori's costumes Koumori is a cosplayer from Boston.
Diana Kou's "Nagareboshi He..." Cosplay Page Diana has cosplayed at Anime Expo and Fanime-con, and is a member of Sailor Jamboree
Kyoryoku Nazo's Wings of Dreams Kyoryoku's is a member of the Dark Muffins cosplay group.
Kyou's Kloset of Kosplay Kyou has started cosplaying in 2002.
Lady Azure's Home Page Lady Azure cosplayed Shampoo at Anime Express 1998. Note: No costume pictures.
Lady Setsuna's cosplay page Lady Setsuna costumes at Otakon.
Lain's Cosplay Photos Marla will cosplay at AWA 2000.
Lander's Home Page Lander attended his first Anime Weekend Atlanta in 1999.
Nuriko's Cosplay & Costume Page. Penny Lanese has cosplayed Rei (Sailor Moon) at Comic-Con International San Diego 1998.
Eric Larsen's costume page Costumer and staffer at Seattle's BAKA-con. Note: No costume pictures.
Lauren-chan Land's home page Lauren has cosplayed at Animazement and Otakon.
Lauren's Star Dancer Cosplay Lauren cosplays at I-con and Otakon.
Layne's Cosplay Home Page Layne is a fan voice actor and cosplayer, cosplaying at Anime Weekend Atlanta and Anime Express
Valerie Ledgister's Cosplay Page Valerie is an award winning cosplayer at several of the East Coast cons.
Angela Lee's Neko Tsukimi Central Angela Lee plans to cosplay the humanoid Ryo-oh-ki!
Cynthia-Leigh's home page Features photoshoots, chatterbox, yahoogroup, and convention info.
lemoned's D.O.L.L. cosplay page lemoned cosplays at the South Californian cons.
Samantha Lemeux's Taeliac studios Samantha is a cosplayer and costuming maker who lives in Wisconsin.
Kevin Lillard's A Fan's View Kevin's convention reports, updated daily from his lap top computer and digital camera.
Lily-chan's cosplay Lily-chan attends the Texan conventions.
Lindze's Cosplay Page Lindze cosplays at many of the East Coast conventions.
Linus Lam Network News One of the most comprehensive convention report webpages.
Lisa's Cosplay Lisa cosplays at Project A-kon
Lisa's Cosplay Lisa cosplays at Project A-kon.
Liz-maru's Cosplay-land Liz-maru's first cosplay was Animazement 2002.
Jeremy Lopett's Strange & Different Cosplay Page Jeremy is a judges' award winner at Animazement 2000.
Max Vitaly Lorenzo's The Pirate King home page Max has cosplayed at Otakon.
Lovely Cyborg's A Shrine to Cyborg #18 The webmaster has cosplayed as Cyborg #18 at Anime Boston.
Lynx's Rurouni Kenshin Hallowe'en 1999 Costume Page These bunch of friends cosplayed characters from Rurouni Kenshin for Hallowe'en 1999!
Cathleen Ma's The Peachfolio. Cathleen Ma has costumed Skuld at Hallowe'en 1998
Mack's Cosplay Page Mack is an award winning costumer at Anime Expo and Fanime-con.
Madame Ice's Needle and Thread Cosplay Madame Ice has cosplayed at Katsucon and Otakon.
Tena Mastrangelo's Eternal Senshi Cosplay Eternal Senshi has cosplayed at Otakon 2000.
The Bad Apple cosplay links page Mr. Matchstick has written an essay on cosplay for the Ayacon Program book, and this is the source of his research.
Matthew's Nezumi's hole in the Web Home Page Matthew's first cosplay was at Otakon 2000.
Swift Kick in the Con 2001 Matty has cosplayed as Gas-O at Katsucon and Otakon 2000.
Maverynthia's Sailor Moon site Maverynthia has costumed Sailor Jupiter.
Mandy's Cosplay Mandy Mitchell is a member of the award-winning Team Rocket Omega cosplay group.
Crystal Mccauley's Cosplay page Crystal Mccauley cosplays at Katsucon and Otakon.
Heather Mccollum's H-chan's Cosplay. Heather Mccollum is one of the East Coast's best known cosplayers. Visit Cpt. Rugged's Unauthorised Heather's Shrine. Heather also hosts the CosPets animal cosplay site, and also the H-Sisters' Cosplay page, in association with her sister. Heather collaborated with Meg Porter in cosplay performances, and M-chan & H-chan's Cosplay Dimension showcases their best costume duos.
Lady Neese's and Quistis Trepe's Cosplay Page! The McDonald sisters have won awards at Nan Desu Kan.
Angel McLeod's Cosplay Angel Home Page Angel is an award winning costumer at Animazement.
Candace McNerny's Shadowlady's Sanctuary Candace has costumed the Shadow Lady at Katsucon 1999.
Kitty's Cosplay Mini-Mart Medi-Kitty is staffer and costumer at Sakura-con. Also see her Mare Serenitas Home Page.
Turbo Neko Nats-chan's Velocity Home Page. MegaChibi's "You may cosplay too much if..." Page will tell you how to tell if you are a real mad keen cosplayer! You can also see her accounts of Conventions she has been to.
Doctor Megumi's SNAPSHOT home page Dr. Megumi is a Filipino cosplayer who has cosplayed at AnimeXplosion.
Merle-kun's Costumes Page Merle is a fan artist and cosplayer at the east coast cons.
Susan Meyer's Illustrations Susan is a well known fan artist and costumer. Note: No costume pictures.
Miaka Shi's Incognito: Cosplay Files Janelle has cosplayed at Anime Central and Anime Expo.
Miaka no Baka's cosplay page Miaka cosplayed at Fanimecon and Anime Expo in 2001.
Elfinder's Cosplay Page Elfinder is a cosplayer from British Columbia.
Amanda Mills's Laser Anime Amanda is a fan artist and cosplayer who attends Sakura con faithfully.
Missy's Cosplay home page Missy is a part of the Mouki no cosplay group.
Miyu's Cosplay Miyu won a major award at Nan Desu Kon 2000.
Special Agent Miyuki-chan's Home Page Miyuki-chan is a fan artist and costumer on the East Coast
Moomba Mania Moomba has cosplayed at SakuraCon.
Maryssa Moore's Cyber Angel cosplay page Maryssa has costumed at Anime Weekend Atlanta, Anime Expo and Katsucon.
Nicole Moore's Sailor Jupiter Costume Pictures Nicole wore a Sailor Jupiter costume for Hallowe'en 1998 and will attend Otakon 2000.
Victoria Moreno's Home Page Victoria costumed Sailor Jupiter at ComiCon International 1998.
Nikki-chan's Cygne-Noir cosplay page Nikki Morrison is a Georgian cosplayer who also runs a costume commissioning service
Roger Morse's Photographs Page The veteran AWOL costumer.
The Mount Eden Anime Club's Cosplay Day Mount Eden High School's Anime Club costume day
Mouselmeg's Zucchini Bench: Conventions Page Mouselmeg has cosplayed at Project A-kon 2001 and Otakon 2001.
Dawn Mostow's Dawnamatrix page Dawn is a digital artist and costumer from Arizona.
Lisa Munns' Home Page Lisa Munns is one of Great Britain's best known and awarded cosplayers!
Cristi Muth's HealerKou Cosplay Page Cristi is a member of the Knob Squad, and an award winner at Animazement and Neko-con.
Nando's Purple Lightning Cosplay Page Fernando is a San Franciscan cosplayer who has cosplayed at both east and west coast conventions.
Amanda Nance's Cosplay Goddess Amanda cosplays at Animazement.
Honey-chan's Cutey Honey Page Lisa Nelson has been cosplaying since AnimeCon 1991.
Nekoko-chan's Cosplay Page Carrie has cosplayed at Anime Weekend Atlanta.
Nessa's Cosplay! Nessa is an Comic-con International award winner
Nessachan's Pleasantly Minty/Strawberry Pocky Nessachan is an award winner from Tekkoshocon 2003.
Nezumi's Ginga Televee Home Page Nezumi is a fan artist, and also runs Nezumi's Cosplay Shoppe, a costuming commissions service.
Cindy Nguyen's Megumi's Cosplay World Cindy is a cosplay award winner at JAFAX.
Amber Noble's Multiple Personalities Amber cosplayed at AKA-kon 2000.
Noin-himesama's The Hime Domain Noin-hime attends Sakura con.
Lina Nours' and Rei Sproule's Cosplay and Voice Acting Home Pages. Lina and Rei are award winners at Anime North 1998.
Nuku-nuku-chan's Home Page Nuku-Nuku hasn't quite got the courage yet to get on stage- send her some encouragement! Note: no costume pictures.
Nuriko Metallium's Fantasy Dreamer Cosplay page Nuriko has attended Otakon and Katsucon
Josie Nutter's The J-Files. Josie has cosplayed Sailor Mars at work and at Baka-con 1999.
Nyssa's Place of Cuteness Nyssa cosplayed at Anime Boston and Otakon 2003
Omi-chan's cosplay site Omi-chan is an award winner from Ohayocon 2001.
The OtakuGirls The Otaku Girls cosplay at Katsucon and Otakon.
Anne Packrat's Home page. Anne Packrat cosplayed Video Girl Ai at Animazement 1998. Note: No costume pictures.
Paige's Route MWC page Paige has cosplayed at Anime Expo 1998 and at East Coast conventions.
Jung Park's cosplay pictures Jung attends most conventions in the Maryland/Virginia area.
David Paul August Patricola's Mightysausage's Homepage of Cosplay and Other Assorted Goodies David is from New Jersey and attends cons in the Virginia/Maryland area
Paty's cosplay Paty has been an award winner at several Mexican conventions.
Katherine Payne's NekoMusume Cosplay: pixykat's catgirl cosplay page Katherine is an award winner at Anime Iowa.
Unreal: P-chan's cosplay site P-chan cosplays at the Toronto cons.
Penultimate's Home Page Katya has cosplayed at Katsucon and Otakon.
Pechluck's Pech is Dressed Up! cosplay page Pech cosplays at Anime Central and Otakon.
Melissa Pitts' Cosplay Homepage. Melissa regularly cosplays at her local anime cons in Dallas.
Meg Porter's Cloud Nine Cosplay. Meg Porter is one of the East Coast's best known cosplayers. Visit Cpt. Rugged's Unauthorised Meg's Shrine and her Fan Art Page. Meg collaborated with Heather Mccollum in cosplay performances, and M-chan & H-chan's Cosplay Dimension showcases their best costume duos.
Princess Zeldabelle's Lands of Forever (Go to Domain/About Me) Princess ZeldaBelle cosplayed in a Inuyasha group at Anime Expo 2003.
Pyxie's Cosplay Passion Pyxie is a member of the Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts.
Melissa Quinn's Faerie Fingers Melissa Quinn designs, creates and accepts commissions for cosplay costumes in the North West of the US.
Rain's Not Worthless Cosplay Rain cosplays at Florida conventions and is a member of the Hot *Like* Wassabi Cosplayers group.
David Ramsay's Costume Gallery, theJ.A.S.P.E.R. and Cosplay Closet web sites. The costume pages of the Anime Expo and Comic-Con International award winners, David and Kimberly. theJ.A.S.P.E.R. includes Rayearth, Dragon Ball and Pokemon galleries. In 2000 they have awarded Hall Costume Awards to deserving costumers at cons they have attended, and you can see the overall 2000 Hall Costume Award Winner here!
Rebecca's Cosplay Page Rebecca and her children have cosplayed at several East Coast cons.
Rebecca's Cosplay Patchwork Rebecca is a cosplayer from Toronto.
Derek Rich's Dragonball Cosplay Derek is well known for his portrayal of Dragonball characters at East Coast cons.
Rikku's Cosplay Rikku is a big fan of the Final Fantasy games and her first cosplay was at Anime Boston 2003
Kayt Robarts' Kathryn Indulges Herself Home Page. The home page of one of the US' best known and awarded cosplayers.
Cat Robinson's cosplay site Cat is an award-winning cosplayer from Georgia.
Rogue and Flexei's Cosplay Corner Rogue and Flexei are a married couple who have cosplayed at Otakon 2000 and Sugoi-con 2000.
Chrissy Rose's Page of Happy Fuzzy Things! Chrissy Rose has costumed Sailor Moon at Otakon.
Safox's Imported! cosplay page Safox has cosplayed at JAFAX and Anime Central.
Sailor Andromeda's Conventions and Stuff page Sailor Andromeda's first con was Otakon 2001.
Sailor Tweek's Home Page Appeared at Sakura Con 2001 as Ed and Knights In White Satin's Sailor Mars.
Sakaki's Cosplay Linelike Sakaki was in the award-winning Oh My Goddess group at Katsucon 2004.
Sakura's Cosplay Haven Sakura is an Animazement award winner
Samantha's Cosplay Samantha has cosplayed at Ohayocon, Otakon and Tekkoshocon.
Sami's radical dreamer cosplay Sami has cosplayed at Katsucon, Nekocon and Otakon.
Sana and Miaka's Return Of The YDP~Season 2 home site Anime Central 2004 pictures page

Sugar and Spice's Anime Central 2004 cosplay.com photo album


Yoko's PersaCon 2004 convention report


GadgetGrl's SakuraCon 2004 pictures page

Anime Boston

Kevin Chen's Anime Boston 2004 photo album

Avalon Fanworks' Anime Boston 2004 picture pages

Chris Ho's Anime Boston 2004 Streamload pictures page

Seishuku Skuld's Anime Boston 2004 picture pages

Squall's Anime Boston 2004 pictures page

Sasami's Cosplay Page Sasami has cosplayed at the Florida conventions.
Elysia Schwartz's Cosplay Page Elysia's first cosplay will be in 2001.
Renee Scofield's Do-It-Yourself Odango Page Renee shows how you can look like Sailor Moon and Miaka by doing your own odango hairstyle.
Scuzzi's Mini Galaxy Scuzzi is a member of Pretty Mutation Cosplay.
Seigi no Cosplay Erin's first cosplay was at Ohayocon 2001.
selenity no cosplay Selenity's first cosplay was at Anime Central 2001.
Princess Serenity's Palace. Serenity's first anime con was at Anime Weekend Atlanta 5.
Serge's cosplay page Serge is frequently seen at East coast conventions.
C Sue Shambaugh's Home Page The Doyen of Anime Costuming! Note: no costume pictures
Valerie Shrum's Zzyzx Road Valerie is part of the award winning Kenshin group at Anime Expo 1998.
Sirithre's Cosplay Sirthre cosplays at the Floridian conventions.
Techno's Cosplay Corner Cedric Smith has cosplayed at Anime Expo and Fanimecon.
Spook-chan's "Through the Looking Glass..." cosplay page Spooky's first cosplay was at Otakon 2000.
Spork Ninja's Cosplay Shari is a fan artist and member of Goddess Cosplay.
Sporkie-chan's Cosplay Notebook Sporkie-chan won an award at Anime Festival Orlando 2001 as Sailor Tin Nyanko.
STARFOX's Real Life Sailor Moon page is the exhaustive page of pictures of Sailor Moon costumes. Visit Pretty Senshi's mirror pages.
Judith Stephens' The Dreamerworld home page Judith takes photos at many of the northeast US conventions.
Aric's Miyu Page Aric Stewart shows pictures of his Larva and his friend's Miyu costumes.
Studio Ironcat's Home Page and photo page This comics publisher visits anime cons and takes pictures of cosplayers.
Cortney Street's Begining Emotions Cosplay Page Cortney plans to cosplay at Otakon 2000 and Project A-kon.
Subaru's Dreams cosplay Subaru cosplayed at the inaugural Big Apple Anime Festival in 2001.
KinKi's Pleasureably Evil Wonderland Home Page Claudia Tako has costumed at Comic-con International and Anime Expo.
AD Vision's interview with Malinda AD Vision's resident costumer talks about her cosplay role as Naga the Serpent.
Tanya's Land of Magic Tanya cosplays at Kumoricon and Sakuracon.
Daniel T's Home Page. Danny T is a well known cosplayer on the East Coast.
Tarla's Changing Faces Tarla's first convention was Sakuracon 2002
Tar's Kawaii Nekos' Closet of Cosplay Taryn and her friends cosplayed at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2001.
The Ingram Mecha Costume Jeff Tatarek's Ingram costume
Team Rocket HQ's Pokémon Cosplay Page. People Dressed as Pokémon Characters.
KatKat's Cosplay Page Katherine Teel is an award winner at AKA-kon.
Tei's Cosplay Playground Tei cosplays at the Californian cons.
Tenshi's Angelic Threads Tenshi's first cosplay was at Anime Expo 2001.
Tenshi-Sama's Angelic Layering Cosplay page Tenshi-sama's first cosplay was at Anime Expo 2001.
TigerLee's cosplay photography site TigerLee is a professional photographer who plans to publish a cosplay photographs book.
Joe Torres' Mara-chan's Cosplay! Joe is an award winner at Mega-con 2001.
Trimline's convention picture pages Trimline attends many of the East Coast conventions.
Tristen Citrine's Golden Quartz Costumes Page Tristen is an award winning costumer with Sailor Jamboree and convention guest at Ani-Magic and Anime North, and creates and sells anime costumes, jewellery and accessories from Sailor Moon and other anime.
Tsuki no Hime's Cosplay home page Tsuki no Hime cosplayed Hand Maid May at Anime Expo 2001.
Kris and Mike's Costume Page Kris Tucker and Mike Corbitt costumes Kaoru and Kenshin at Katsucon, Anime Central and A-kon!
Marya Tucker's MaryaLand Marya is one of the East Coast most experienced and awarded cosplayers.
Gina Turrini's Cosplay Page. Gina was a member of the award winning Hameln Orchestra cosplay troupe at Anime Expo 1999 and cosplays at Fanimecon.
Umi-chan's Cosplay Room Umi and her friends costume at cons on the East Coast.
Usagko's Moon Kingdom Usagko is a member of Pretty Mutation Cosplay.
Usako's cosplay home page. Usako cosplays at the Great Lakes cons
Vampire Beaver's Home Page Vampire Beaver cosplayed Nuriko (Fushigi Yuugi) at Animazement 1999.
Ashley Vess's Secret Identities cosplay page Ashley's main convention is Middle Tennessee Anime Con
Viberaphon's Identity Crisis cosplay page Viberaphon has cosplayed at Anime Weekend Atlanta and at the Floridian conventions.
VLove2Ya's Cosplay Page VLove2Ya cosplays at Sakura-con.
Ashley Vess' Secret Identities cosplay page
Victoria's Somewhat Damaged cosplay page Victoria is a member of the Catch You Catch Me cosplay group
Carolina's Cosplay Fantasy Carolina has cosplayed at many of the east coast conventions.
Melissa Wilson's House of Hair Spray and Spandex. Melissa has cosplayed at Animazement, Anime Weekend Atlanta and Dragon-con.
Wingman's Live Action Sailor Moon Page Pictures of Sailor Moon cosplayers at Otakon.
Shawny Wong's Dragon Illusions Shawny is a cosplayer from the Sacramento area.
Usagi Yumei's Anime Webupeiji Usagi has attended and costumed at Anime Expo, Anime North and Otakon.
Yumi's Distant Star Yumi is a member of Pretty Mutation Cosplay.
Zoisite no Miko's Cosplay Page Zoisite has cosplayed at Fanime-con and Anime Expo 2000.
French Sites
Alsace Anime Alsace Anime showcases cosplay pictures from French and Japanese conventions.
Angel's In Cosplayland  
Ashura's convention picture pages Ashura covers all the French conventions.
Bluepatch's Photographs Pages  
Buju's Cosplay Page  
Cosplay Forever  
Cosplay Headquarters  
Cosplay Village Photographs Page  
Valériane Véronique Duvivier's Kineko's Oniryu website  
Saga Grododo's home page  
Happy Berry Cosplay  
Ivy's Cosplay Page  
Katfly's K+osplay Seekatcosplay (Mirror site)  
Kat's Cosplay  
Maeva Pierre's Kujamav Kingdom  
Kyapiko's Deadly Perruque convention reports page  
Maniac's Home Page  
Marine's Little Home  
Nelene's Absolute Futility  
Nemo's Home Page  
Nunki's Home Page  
Sandy Truong's Focus on Style  
Ryo Sony's Room  
Italian Sites
Akane02's home page Akane02 hails from Como.
Francesca Dani's francescadani.com and Sailor World Francesca is an award winner at the Lucca Comics Convention. She also has her own fan page, run by Mr. Scented.
Fujiko Mine's Cosplay Vamp Fujiko maintains the Italian Cosplay Mailing List and is an intrepid cosplayer herself.
Giorgia's cosplay "Giorgia is a cute cosplaygal who presents and organizes some of the main cosplay contest in Italy."
Hitomi's cosplay page Hitomi is an Italian cosplayer girl from Venice!
Kuroi Tenshi +Ruka+
MAB's cosplay page  
Marika's Magical Cosplay  
Matteo's cosplay page Matteo is one of Italy's best known cosplayers.
Luca Moroboshi's cosplay page  
Marika Roncon's Marika's Magical Cosplay  
Shion Loire's Cosplay Shion is an Italian cosplayer who has also cosplayed at Otakon!
Vigdis's Cosplay
Yucchi's Cosplayers Yucchi cosplays at all the big Italian conventions.
Yuzu's Ichigo: Cosplay Site Yuzu is a Tokyo Babylon 1999 cosplayer from Italy. She also maintains the Angelic Links CLAMP Costume Page.
Zenigweb's Lupin III page This Italian fan has done a 5 minute live action Lupin III film!
German Sites
C-chan C-chan was one of the cosplayers invited to the World Cosplay Summit in 2003.
German Cosplay Homepage (Google Translation)
Healer's home page Healer attends Animagic and Bonenkai.
Katharina O's The Dream of Cosplay
Kathy-chan (Google translation)  
Ranchan's home page Ranchan is a dual cosplay award winner at Connichi 2002.
Paula Helena Riemann's (Hikaru) Home Page Paula's first cosplay was at Animagic 2000 in Germany.
Toni 007's German Conventions site Joachim Seidl chronicles German conventions.
Russian Sites
The Love Squad The Love Squad cosplayed as a Soul Calibur group at Animatrix 2007
Roger and Muse's [Mirror++JRock cosplay] Russian J-Rock cosplay page Russia's leading website for j-rock cosplayers.
Scandinavian Sites
Maria Sjöberg's cosplay site Maria has won awards for her costumes of Skuld and Pirotess.
Asuka's Cosplay Dreamers
Ayne Greensleeves's Minstrel Book cosplay (Google English Translation) Ayne is an award-winning Spanish cosplayer. She also is the moderator for the Cosplayers Espanol mailing list.
South American Sites
Antares's cosplay (Argentina) (Google Translation)
Arquivo Cosplay Brasil (Brazil) (Google Translation) This site features photographs of Brazilian cosplayers.
Brazilian CosPlay Archive Paolla attends and cosplays at many of the Brazilian anime conventions. Her page also features profiles of cosplayers and picture reports from conventions.
Cosplay Animesentai Mogicruzense Mogi das Cruzes SP Brazil
Taísa Cardoso Montemayoriro's Miyuki's cosplay page (Brazil) (Google Translation)
Otaku Cosplay (Brazil) Otaku Cosplay covers Brazilian cosplayers and reports on conventions, and provides services such as images, designs, and costume construction tips and hints.
Cosplay Elite Official Cosplay of Chile (Google Translation)
Oceanian Sites
Australian Anime Cossies! A (small) Australian look at anime cosplayers
Asham's cosplay site Asham has won cosplay awards at Animania and Manifest.
Beatrix's cosplay mania Beatrix is an Australian cosplayer who started out making cosplay dresses for dolls.
Cosplayers United We are part of a community of worldwide Cosplayers based through the chat-program Discord. We are at the moment 300 members from various countries around the world, US, France, Israel, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, Netherlands and a few more and growing :)
This community was built as a way to connect like minded Cosplayers in a safe and encouraging environment to share our love of cosplay and get tips and help on some elements we might be struggling with in creating or designing our cosplay plans.
We recently launched our social media pages in an attempt to draw more Cosplayers into the community to join us.
Flipper's Extreme Motion Flipper cosplays at Manifest.
Jess Freeman's home page In addition to cosplaying at Australian cons, Jess has also been to Anime Festival Orlando.
Catherine Mensforth's cosplay page Does both cosplay and historical costuming in Brisbane, Australia.
Shu's Home page Shu has cosplayed in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Costume Groups

2 Cute 4 You Cosplay Group This New York cosplay group will make their debut at the Big Apple Anime Convention in October 2001.
24 Cylinders (formerly AA Productions) 24 Cylinders has cosplayed at Anime Expo, Katsucon and at Otakon.
Acme Boyz Cosplay The Acme Boyz are award winners at the Anime Expo 2001 masquerade.
Ah! My Cosplay The award-winning cosplay group from north San Francisco.
American Cosplay Paradise ACP is the North American Cosplay Idol Girl site!
Angelic Cosplay Angelic Cosplay is a New Orleans' based cosplay group.
#AnimangaRPG The IRC DALNet RPG Channel's cosplay page
JAC Productions JAC Productions have won awards at many of the Texan conventions
AWOL! One of the US' best costuming groups
The Anything Goes School of Masquerade Arts The AGSMA costumes at Anime Expo and ComiCon International
AWA '99 VA Cosplay Project A group of fan voice actors seeking to form a cosplay performance for AWA '99.
Awkward Glance A Texan Cosplay Group
Ayne Greensleeves's Cosplay Workshop (Spanish) This site showcases Spanish cosplayers and cosplay events.
The BACA Boys The BACA boys live and play in Northern California.
BCNY: BAAF Cosplayers of NY This cosplayer group was formed after the inaugural Big Apple Anime Festival in 2001.
Bikkuri Cosplay
Bikkuri Shita This group first cosplayed at Otakon 2000.
Bishoujo/shounen Anime Kosplay Alliance This group first cosplayed at Anime Expo 2001.
Black Lily Cosplay Black Lily hail from Florida
Boxed Rice Productions Boxed Rice are looking for members to join in their Toronto con cosplays.
Canadian Cosplay Experience: Lime Limu Productions This cosplay group have been cosplaying at Toronto cons for many years.
Catch You, Catch Me Cosplay Vic and friends made their High School Prom a cosplay experience, and plan to travel to other West Coast cons!
Chicagoland Cosplay Club The club comprises of cosplayers who live in the general Chicago area.
Chibi Otaku Paradise COP cosplays at all the Texan conventions.
CHUU-NYA Chuu-nya can't go to any cons, so they cosplay at home for fun!
Codename: Cos-men This website is for male cosplayers in North America to showcase their costumes.
CosCrew CosCrew cosplays at Toronto anime cons.
Cosplay Angels Cosplay Angels is based in New Orleans.
Cosplay Calendar Angel McLeod and friends each portray a month of the year that can be printed off and put on the wall.
Cosplay Cuties Cosplay Cuties are award winners at Anime Central.
Cosplay Dreamers Cosplay Dreamers is a group who comes from Tennessee and attends nearby cons.
The Cosplay Organization of Orlando COO specialise in Fushigi Yuugi and Rurouni Kenshin subjects, and are going to run their own convention, JACO 2000.
Cosplay Wonderland A web page for computer goodies such as cosplay wallpaper, Winamp and ICQ skins, CG pictures, etc.
Creative Impulse Productions Ltd. Home Page. Creative Impulse Productions include cosplay as part of their activities
Crimson Dragon Cosplay A cosplay group from Toronto, Canada featuring anime and videogame costumes.
D2R Cosplay D2R is a trio of cosplayers who attend the Toronto conventions.
Dark Muffins cosplay group Homesite of the award winning cosplay group.
Dear Friends: Scandinavian Cosplayers Dear Friends profiles cosplayers and cosplay events in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
DJ AKA Cosplay Group's silent-voice.net DJ AKA is based from San Diego, California.
Due Come Noi Due Come Noi are a pair of cosplayers, Stab and Genzo.
The Elite Battalion of DragonSlayers This cosplay group is based in Southern California.
Em & Em Cosplay Page This group are of two friends, both called Emily, who will be cosplaying at Anime Expo 2001.
Envision Cosplay Group This group plans to cosplay Escaflowne at Anime Expo 2001
Evil Shoujo Girls The Evil Shoujo Girls cosplay at Katsucon and Otakon
Eyes on Me Cosplay Fan Voice Actors who are branching out into cosplay.
Final Fantasy Cosplay Italy Italian cosplayers costuming characters from Final Fantasy.
Florida Cosplay Home Page The one and only place for Floridan Cosplayers
~*Goddess BAZ*~ cosplay group Goddess BAZ started cosplaying at Anime Expo 2002.
Goddess Cosplay Goddess Cosplay's first cosplay will be at Anime Expo 2003.
Goddess Cosplay
Golden Fluff Golden Fluff is based in Seattle.
H-Sisters' Cosplay A webpage devoted to the popular McCollum sisters, who cosplay at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and other East and Mid West cons.
Honeychan and Citrine's Hankie-Spankie This Las Vegas-based pair boasts 13 years of cosplay experience.
Happy Apple's Cosplay Happy Apple has cosplayed at Animazement and Anime Weekend Atlanta
Harmonic Cosplay Harmonic Cosplay are a group that cosplays at the Atlanta conventions.
Hot *Like* Wassabi Cosplayers Ltd. Hot *Like* Wassabi cosplay at Floridian conventions.
Infornography Cosplay A California based team's cosplay home
Inuyasha Cosplay This group of costumes portrayed Inu-Yasha characters at Anime Expo 2000.
Inu-yasha Domain Cosplay Page This website features costumes from Rumiko Takahashi's Inu-Yasha
"Kaoru Miki's" Les Hommes Revolutionnaire Cosplay Group This group plans to do a male Utena crossdress cosplay team at Anime North 2000.
Uruwashiki Kamen's J-Rock Cosplay Page This website features cosplayers portraying J-Rock performers.
JOJOXSERIE This group of Italian fans of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures cosplay at Italian conventions and events.
Kawaii Gemini Kawaii Gemini have been cosplaying since 2002.
Kawaii Senshi The Kawaii Senshi is based in Tennessee.
Kentucky Fried Cosplay The Kentucky Fried Cosplay won a masquerade award at Fanimecon 2002.
Kero's Cosplay Group This group will be going to Anime North and the Canadian National Anime Expo.
Kitty and Amanda's world of cosplay & masquerade arts
The Knob Squad's Imitation Gold The Knob Squad costume at East Coast cons.
La Soldiers Cosplay Group's The Cosplay Revolutionaire Home Page La Soldiers plans to costume at the Californian cons, and are looking for more members.
Lazy Eternity Lazy Eternity are based in western Tennessee
Masked Angel A cosplaying group run by Michiru Sakamoto and Van Donovan
Masked Illusions A J-Rock cosplay group based in Georgia.
Masquerade Members of this group have won awards at Sakura Con.
Mercury Rose The group got together at Otakon 2004.
Method: Cosplay This group provides resources and assistance for cosplayers.
Midwest Anime Cosplay Society (M.A.C.S. Productions)  
Moonlight Meiku Appu! This Sailor Moon-themed group is based in and looking for members in California and in Ontario.
Moonlight Night  
Mysterious Cosplay Pictures whom the webmaster considers good cosplay.
The Mysterious Play Mid-west cosplay The Mysterious Play welcomes all cosplayers from the mid-west states.

mibo no ookami Rurouni Kenshin Shinsengumi cosplay

This site features Shinsungumi cosplayers from all over North America.

MOCHI Cosplay Group Mochi cosplay at the Mid-west anime conventions
Mochi Cafe Mochi Cafe is a maid cafe that plans to serve at conventions.
NASFUDA NASFUDA did the huge Dragonball Z skit at Anime Expo 1998 and plan to have a bigger skit at Anime Expo 1999!
Northern Cali Cosplay group NCCG is situated in north San Francisco, across the bay.
Nyao Mix Cosplay Catgirls Nyao Mix showcases cat girl and boy cosplayers.
OffCosplay A Toronto, Canada base cosplay group.
oFUNg! This group of Pennsylvanians cosplay at East Coast cons.
One Hour Productions One Hour Productions is a Texas-based group that has won awards at Candy Hearts Cosplay Picnics I and II, Numa Rei No Con 2003, and most recently Best Skit/Presentation at Project Akon 2004 and attends all major Texas and Louisiana conventions.
Operation Cosplay This group mainly cosplays at Floridian conventions.
OtakuDuet OtakuDuet are a musical team that performs at many of the East coast cons.
Outa the Closet Outa the Closet has cosplayed at Anime North, Katsucon and Otakon
Outer Power/Inner Beauty Cosplay Group Outer Power/Inner Beauty is a group dedicated to cosplaying Sailor Moon at East Coast conventions.
Panic Studios Panic Studios have won numerous awards for their portrayal of Big Fire from Giant Robo
PhoeniX SeeD Cosplay This Californian cosplay group won Best of Show at AniMagic 2000.
Pretty Mutation Cosplay Page This is a group of three girls who have gotten together to cosplay.
Pyreflies Cosplay The Pyreflies' first cosplay was at Tekkoshocon 2004.
Ramen and Rice Ramen and Rice are a string duo what have entertained con goers at the Californian cons.
The Ranma Troop The Home Page of the East Coast convention award winning cosplay group.
Rebel Cosplay Rebel Cosplay are a New York based cosplay group which has won awards at the North Eastern conventions.
Sailor Jamboree This Sailor Moon live action musical-inspired team have won awards at Anime Expo and Comic-con International.
Sailor Moon Avatars Photographs of Sailor Moon cosplayers.
The Samurai Duck The home of the cosplay group known as the Pack.
San Antonio Cosplayers Gallery This web page is a gallery for cosplayers from the San Antonio/Austin, Texas region.
ShinRa Final Fantasy 7 Cosplay Group This group plans to form a Final Fantasy group for A-kon 13. Inquiries to join are welcome.
Silence and Song
Star Crossed Lovers Cosplay Group Lady Diamond and Love Meeko cosplay at Anime Expo and Fanimecon.
Stitchin' Babes Judy and Kel cosplay at the San Franciscan anime and SF cons.
Studio of Masquerade Arts The Studio of Masquerade Arts is a Toronto-based group.
Sugar and Spice Cosplay Sugar and Spice are a pair of veteran cosplayers whose first convention cosplaying together is Nan Desu Kan 2003.
The Super Dimensional Fortress- Otaku This San Diegan-based fan group boasts several award winning cosplayers from Anime Expo and Comic-con International.
Tainted Gauze
Recca-kun's Team Hokage home page Team Hokage is a Maryland-based cosplaying group of anime and video game addicts.
Team Unison! A web page for people interested in cosplaying characters from the arcade dance game, Unison
Tenshi Souzou Cosplay Home Page Jessica and Anne has cosplayed at Anime Central 2000, as well as at school.
Tomodachi no Kosupure This cosplay group has started cosplaying at Coloradan cons in 2001.
UGAnime The gang at the University of Georgia's Anime Club
Under the Influence cosplay Under the Influence cosplay at the Toronto cons.
USA Musume A homage to the JPop girl group, Morning Musume, they were award winners at Fanimecon 2002.
Tiamat's Videogame Cosplay Society The VCS is a group of cosplayers who attend German conventions
Viva~La~Cosplay These are the girls of Viva~La~Cosplay! This is a collection of our costumes and whitty adventures in the anime world. Join Gina, Cierra, Sara, Erica, and Lizzie as we make our favortie characters come to life! So come see us won't you?
The William and Mary Anime Society The William and Mary Anime Society has cosplayed at several East Coast cons.
Wuss Kruez The Wuss Kreuz will cosplay at Anime North.
Yu.Ki.Ame ~SnowDrops~ Yu.ki.ame are two Toronto girls who want to promote cosplay with North American Chinese.
Yuuki Cosplay Yuuki Cosplay plan to attend most of the West Coast cons.

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