Japanese Web Sites

Cosplay Groups

Se.La's Home Page (English)
Grand Chariot Cosplay
Tokyo Cosplay Girls
DCN- Digital Costumeplay Network
Jekyll & Hyde
Costume Players EX
Cure Cosplay Community

Personal and Fan Sites

Sappy's Home Page (English) and (Japanese)
Studio M: The Miho's Gallery
Inverse's Cosplay page (English)
Cosplay Collector
Ray Ogamio's Cosplay Illustrations
Umiu's home page
Arisu Ayahara's Lovely Castle
Tokyo Cosplay Zone 23
World 21
Kyara's World
Seira's Tea Party
Costume Collector
Renmu's House
Atelier Syren
Yumika Sato's Chun Li Mania page
Rina-P Veteran cosplayer's home site
Cye-Chan's Cosplay Photo Gallery (English)
Luke and Michiru's Leave it to the Twins!! Home Page
Nomi's Alucart Sword (Japanese) and (English) site
Kaie-Unite's Costume Page
Barbie Tukino's Home Page
Barbie Tukino & Kaie Tada's Home Page
The COSPLAY Top 100 Websites
The Top Corps (English Index Page.)
Tounsha & Comicgrifon
Remi Tachibana's Shooting Star Home Page (Japanese) and English Page
Nomi's Shinsengumi Cosplay Team
Haruna's Hideout
Cosplayers Photo Studio
Universal Cos-Net
Yuzuriha Nekoi's Sweety & Glow Clamp Cosplay Universe
Midori's Vocalise! Cosplay Page
Setsuna's Mind Gallery Cosplay Photographs Page
Ayaka's Not Funny home page
Black Jack's Piraten-Flagge home page
Yoko's Secret Room
Sono's No. 402 room Excite Japan translation
Ryou Shiina's home page
Takaya Megumu's home page


Osaru Sato Cosplay Galley
Koutarou's (David Van Cleef) Comiket 50 pictures
Nori's Comic Market Photographs
Gokuraku-Tsuushin's Video Gaming Page (Includes Events Reports with costume photographs)
Masqueraders' Square
Lina's Room
Mike Tatsugawa's Wonder Festival Memories (English)
Maniac's Comic Market 59 26-31 December 2000 convention report (French)
Maniac's Comic Market 57 24-26 December 1999 convention report (French)
Silvia Groniewicz's Shonen Jump Festa 2002 picture pages
The Anime Tourist's Shonen Jump Festa 2002 picture pages
The official Comic Market Virtual Cosplay (English)
Linus Lam Network News Comiket 64 convention report

Cosplay Links and Search Engines

Animation Freak Link (English)
Cosplay Search 2.01
Yahoo Japan's Cosplay Search

Other Asian Cosplay Sites

China: Stardust
Hong Kong: Charles Kwong's Doujinshi Road Please note that conventions featured on Doujinshi Road can be found on the Western Convention Page.
Hong Kong: Hofuzz's Cosplay Cafe Cosplay Page
Hong Kong: Witch Rika
Singapore: Joash Chee's Home Page
Singapore: Raydance's Schizophrenic  
Singapore: Snowheart's cosplay page
Singapore: Wardrobe
Singapore: Yuan's Cosplay Room

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