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If you're interested in anime costuming, visit the COSP mailing list home page or archives (members only) and read what other people have to say about cosplay. If you're interested, you can e-mail here to join in! Anime Expo and Comic-con International Award Winner Widya Santoso is the maintainer for the mailing list site.

The CospleX: Il primo Italian Cosplay gate is the gateway into the world of Italian cosplay. Find out who is cosplaying, where and when to cosplay in Italy.

Italian cosplay fans can join the Italian Cosplay Mailing List, visit the Mailing List home page and read the Mailing List Archives. Fujiko is the maintainer for the mailing list site.

There is the German Cosplay mailing list, a forum for German cosplayers to discuss cosplay and conventions in their country. Silvia Groniewicz is the moderator.

Yahoo have two cosplay discussion clubs: Anime Games Cosplay Club and Anime Cosplay Pictures, for the discussion and display of cosplay and cosplay pictures. You can join at those links.

The Western Cosplayers Forum is a message board for costumers living west and mid-west of the US.

Barbie and Kaie Tada's Cosplay Fan Club at Yahoo! is for people who are fans of the Japanese cosplayers and their cosplay group Uran 2, who attend Anime Expo.

Young people interested in cosplay now have a Yahoo Group called CosTeens that they can join. Teenagers can subscribe here, and contact the List Owner.

The East Coast Cosplayers Yahoo Club is for anyone who wants to disucss cosplay at any of the East Coast anime conventions. Membership is open to anyone, not just East coast inhabitants.

The Final Fantasy Cosplay Mailing List is devoted to cosplaying characters from all Square's Final Fantasy computer and console games, as well as from the anime and CG movie. Anyone who costumes, or is thinking of cosplaying Final Fantasy subjects can subscribe. There is also a Final Fantasy Cosplay Mailing List home page.

The King Of Fighters Cosplay Mailing List is a list dedicated and designed for discussion, chat and ideas on creating costumes from the popular video games, King Of Fighters and Fatal Fury/Garou Densetsu. Anyone who costumes, or is thinking of cosplaying Final Fantasy subjects can subscribe.

Cosplayers from the Iberian peninsula are invited to join the Lista De Correo De Cosplay En Espaņol (Spanish language.)

People wanting to discuss the subject of convention photography are invited to join conphoto-l convention photography Yahoogroups list. To join, just send a e-mail to Dennis Carr, the moderator.

Communities and Resources is a community site for all cosplayers to mingle and chat.

Andrew Heath's cosplay manga & anime mart is for people who like manga and anime cosplay. People can put ads for penpals, sell items, advertise home pages, show artwork and costumes, and arrange get togethers to form new groups.

Another community website is Cosplay Thunder.

Asia's cosplay links provides links to cosplayers, cosplayer groups and costume makers.

Cosplay UK is a community dedicated to serving the needs of the British cosplay community.

Cosplay Meetup allows members to make arrangements to meet each other at conventions and events all around the world.

2bCosplay (Google translation) is a French cosplay community site.

Lolita Snap is a community site about the japanese gothic lolita fashion. Members can post pictures of their own costumes, and comment on each other's work.

Members of theOtaku community can post pictures of their costumes as well as fan art, writings, etc.

FilCosplay is a cosplay forum site from the Philippines which where you can ask about cosplay, tips/how-to on costumes, and views and opinions of both cosplayers and non-cosplayers (registration required.)

Animexx Cosplay is a part of germany biggest anime community. There are photos of around a thousand cosplayers are online, ordered by series. Although most of the content is in German, the navigation is in English.

CosList is a new user friendly cosplay classifieds website for cosplayers to find what they're looking for. Cosplayers can also look for convention roommates, rideshares, and additional members for con activities like masquerades and cosplay groups.

Cosplay Friends is a friend site for cosplayers and people interested in anime and Japan, and is completely 100% free.

CosplayWiki is a Wiki page allowing cosplayers and others to contribute to a larger resource page.

Web Rings

The Cosplayers Anonymous web ring links cosplayers' home pages and convention cosplay pictures sites. If you are interested in linking your site or you want more information about about the Web Ring, please contact the maintainer, Beverly Alliss or go here.

The Hong Kong Cosplay Web Ring links cosplayers' sites from Hong Kong, Japan and other sites all over the world.

Haruna is the Japanese maintainer for several rings. Princess Closet is a web ring dedicated to female cosplayers all around the world. The Top Lady Cosplayers Best 50, a ranking list for female cosplayers. You can check the Top Lady Cosplayers Best 50 rankings is a voting page for your favourite female cosplayer (and is associated with Princess Closet.) She also maintains the Top Cosplayers Link Club, a general link page for cosplayers.

The companion site to the Top Lady Cosplayers Best 50 is Top 50 Guy Cosplayers!, where fans can vote on their favourite male cosplayers.

Cosplay Unite is a web ring for all cosplayers to join. Whip-chan is the maintainer.

The Cosplay Chain Web Ring is open for cosplayers from all around the world. Francesca Dani is the maintainer.

ElfEater's Cosplay Cliques allows anyone (not just cosplayers) to proclaim their enthusiasm and love for cosplay on their web page. Similar to the moods web page add-ons.

Michiru and Miyu's Cosplay Web Cliques allows you to proclaim your cosplay pen name to the world!

Top Cosplay Gals is a rank list for all cosplaying girls and women. To join, contact Sonia Segreto.


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